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Topics: United States, United States Constitution, James Madison Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: May 2, 2014

Analyze the political conflicts between Federalists and Democratic-Republicans in the early republic (1790-1815), paying particular attention to their differences over economic policy and foreign affairs. Which party eventually prevailed, and why?

The Federalists were a political group who believed in strengthening the federal government versus strengthening individual states. This would make a strong central government and help build the United States. Federalists wished to be able to tax states in order to help fund federal programs, also supported the idea of a national bank, and supported efforts for federal control over interstate commerce. Prominent federalists were Alexander Hamilton and John Adams for example.

In the early republic there was a huge difference between what the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans believed should be done in order to improve the economy. Alexander Hamilton envisioned a developed American economy, as explained in document 3 of chapter 6 in Major Problems in American History. He wanted to develop the American economy by including things like the division of labor, additional employment to classes of the community not ordinarily in the business, understanding that not everyone is a farmer and allowing people to use their own talents. He also wanted to encourage immigration from other countries in order for people to have more money which would essentially create economic independence for the US. Hamilton’s ideas were contrary to what a traditional Democratic-Republican believed.

The Democratic-Republicans believed in decentralized powers; which meant letting individual states have most of the power. They wanted more power to the people, and favored freedom of speech and press. Democratic-Republicans were the party of the common man. They also believed in a strict interpretation of the constitution; meaning if it wasn’t in the constitution then the federal government had no right to control those affairs. A...
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