Take Back the Night Essay

Topics: Audience, Audience theory, Education, Rape, Domestic violence, Violence / Pages: 2 (490 words) / Published: Oct 24th, 2011
The purpose of Take Back the Night was to promote awareness and support survivors of rape, sexual assault and relationship violence among students and nonstudents. I also think the goal was to unify the community by allowing survivors to open up about incidents of abuse/assault within their lives. I observed the audiences reactions when the audience showed lots of support to the survivors that were telling their stories of assault and abuse. Whenever a survivor would leave the stage the audience would applaud the survivor for being courageous. Also close friends of the survivor would reach out and hug and give words of encouragement to the survivors. Also the men who were in the audience were shocked and in disbelief when they heard some of the statistics, they found some of the material to be unbelievable. Also it seemed as though hearing the information from the audience’s peers made it more realistic. My own personal reactions somewhat surprised and open to listen to the presenters tell their story. I think that the initial goal of take back the night was to have the survivors have an ear to listen to and not judge or point fingers. I also feel as though this provided a supportive atmosphere to the survivors and opened the floor for other to open up about previous experiences. I did notice a sense of empowerment among the survivors, it seemed as though a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders as they told their accounts of sexual assault/abuse. I really feel as though everyone became more educated on what someone goes through who has to undergo any time assault or abuse. It is never safe to assume that one case/incident is the same. I learned that sexual assault/rape affects everyone and not just the individual that undergoes the violation committed against them within an incident. I was amazed by the advocates who were passionate and committed to alleviating the burden upon the survivors. Their knowledge of resources available to the student body about

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