Takaki Paper 1

Topics: Colonialism, Native Americans in the United States, English American Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Gabriel Rodriguez
Utah Valley University
History 1700
Chad K. Ostler
Takaki Paper 1
The “Tempest” in the Wilderness
In this chapter the author is trying to express how John Winthrop sent his companion to the new world called America in 1962. The main idea of John Winthrop was to improve the population over the colonies with eyes on how to improve the economy. Back in England the over population, poverty, and famine was a really big problem that have to be solve. So then, in this new world, America, there are a lot of new resources that can be explored such as timber, furs, fish, and almost infinite portions of lands. At that time the first colonizers who migrated to America had their first task and it was to cultivate the “Lord’s garden.”

When these first colonizers arrived to the new world they realized that they were not alone on those lands. They met with the natives there, or Indians, who had a hard time understanding each other. Later this first English men realized that the Indians already knew that some strangers were coming because an old Wapanoag story. The same occurred in Virginia where a powhatan shaman said that some bearded men are coming to take those lands from the Indians.

Latter, when this land had a name called New England, the English colonizers understood how the natives or Indians had had a really good cultivation system. This Indians from different tribes and location such as The Wampanoags, Pequots, Massachusetts, Nausets, Nipmcks, and Narragansetts were really god with their own cultivation system, especially with corn.

Over the years, when the English were more expanded and established more problems started to run. In the year of 1637 occurred a war where around seven hundred Pequots were assassinated by English and other Indians’ alliances. However, when some Indians made alliances with English men they were not able to enroll with the civilized society in the seventeenth century when barbarism had been dominant....
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