Tajpara Parivar

Topics: Braille, Blindness, Primary education Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 2, 2013
I always dreamt that my dream school would have a large library where children of all classes could go and borrow whichever books they wanted to take. To have a cafeteria where school children were allowed during recess, where friends could enjoy their time off, from studies for at least an hour. We all know the value of co-curricular activities in a school going child's life, therefore I also want that my school should have proper race grounds, basketball fields, badminton courts and most importantly a big auditorium where we could stage any play or dance. The most important thing I wish my dream school to have is a true student-teacher relationship. We only hear of it in stories, but finding it for real these days is perhaps one of the toughest things of our times .I want my dream school to have its teachers truly believe in their pupil, to trust them, to encourage them and to inspire them with the immortal fire of virtues such as courage, honesty, loyalty, hope and friendship, so that the students have nothing but true respect, faith and loyalty towards their teachers and their school. Without this I feel, no foundation of any school can ever be strong. I want my dream school to allow freedom of speech, views and ideas to its children, so that when they pass out, they are strong and full of confidence, not weak-minded and slave to fear of the unknown. A Visit to Blind School

Blinds see the world as dark but not their hope, future and aspirations. During our visit to Jhuwani Secondary School, we observed blind students reading and writing the Braille letters immaculately. Touching the dots with the finger tips on the white paper, they read the text fluently. There are 21 students who are studying at different grades in this Blind Education Section. Primary level students are learning how to read and write Braille letters while higher level students study in their respective class among normal students. Their text books have been...
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