Taiwan Issue

Topics: Political status of Taiwan, Taiwan, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: April 2, 2013

Professor Ken Sproul

Kwan Wai Wong

Reflection paper

Taiwan issue
Taiwan issue is a very controversial and sensitive topic in China and Taiwan. It refers to an argument of the issue of Taiwan independence between China and Taiwan's governments. In China's point of view, Taiwan is definitely a part of China because historically China had been possessed Taiwan for a very long time. However, most Taiwanese do not agree with that Taiwan is a part of China, and it even has the right to join the United Nations. I personally tend to believe China government's position because there is no doubt that Taiwan is a part of China even though Taiwan has been controlled by Kuomintang since they lost the civil war in 1949. Also, it is really hard to achieve that "One China" principle because they have differences in everything. For example, China mainland is running communism and Taiwan is running capitalism, there is only one party allowed in China and Taiwan has several parties. More importantly, everything in China is controlled by the government, but Taiwan emphasizes democracy, everyone has the right to vote. In my opinion, there are several reasons such as the peace, the conflict and the culture why I support China keeps putting effort in "One country, two systems" policy.

Although I appreciate "One country, two systems" policy, I do not agree with the force of use by either side. I understand sometimes military force is necessary for a country to protect itself, but when one abuses it, it will just destroy the peace. China has done very well so far to build up a peaceful relationship between itself and Taiwan. "China will actively promote people-to-people contacts and economic and cultural exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, and start direct trade, postal, air and shipping services as soon as possible; achieve reunification through peaceful negotiations and, on the premise of the one-China principle." This is the best way to...
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