Tainos and Kalinagoes

Topics: Carib, Taíno, Textile Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Similarities between carib and taino
These two cultures were primitive both societies did not develop beyond the family village settlement stage Farming activities were carried out almost entirely by the women. Fishing and hunting was done by men.

They both have similar custom, were people flatten the forehead of their babies They enjoyed singing, music, and tobacco smoking.
The technology of tianoes and caribes were skill at constructing and using dugout cones for fishing and transportation purposes. The women wove excellent straw baskets, cotton cloths and hammocks.

Differences between caribs and tianoes
Society was mainly peacefullSociety was based on war( every man for himself) Their community was ruled by a cacique The caribs families were independent. Have a less civil leader. The idols was called zemie which contained the forest of nature spirit of their ancestors Ouboutu positions was elected for life, the most outstanding worriers of the group Male and female lived together because of religious practices.Idols were called maboya spirit cacique position was inherited Male and females lived separately Settled in the grater Antilles Settled in lesser Antilles

B: explain what you think was the reasons for the size difference

Kalinagos mainly lived of raiding the tianos for cannibalism and wives. In the kalinagoes society justice was carried out on a personal level while in the tianoes they liked to live peaceful because they have a leader to look upon because his powers matters, he was also judged and would carry out judgement on anyone who did any wrong. The cacique rule over the whole providence and could give orders that could affect the people living in all the villages. The caribe family was mostly each man for themselves because they are not, to be considered a coward. Only for war they have a leader named the ouboutu. The tianoes believe in unity and family while the...
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