Tagos Ng Dugo

Topics: Film, Rape, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: July 24, 2013

The film “Tagos ng Dugo” was indeed bloody. The main character Pina, played by Mrs. Vilma Santos, was truly challenging. From other various daring film “Tagos ng Dugo” is a first for the Filipino Film Industry to portray the life of a schizophrenic triggered by PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The plot of the movie is very fascinating; rooting from a child going through drastic physical and psychological changes witnessed a traumatic act during the presentation of her father in a carnival, lead to another twisted murder and rape event in her life with the death of everyone in her family except for her and her brother that is overseas.

The plot of the movie was very tragic; it showed how tough life can be without the loving guidance of a good family. As a psychology student, I may say that Pina did actually exhibit few symptoms of Schizophrenia but the symptoms may also be correlated to PTSD which is very confusing. The scene inside the psychiatric ward really disturbed me because of the way the patients were treated. Psychiatric patients should be treated fairly and with care, but that is the sad reality of the old times. Patients were used for human trafficking and the rights they posses were in fact undermined completely! This part also represented how barbaric humans can be to those under them and to those that have less achievement than theirs.

The parts of the movie where Pina was raped made me realized how unequal women were treated before. The way the men tried to hold Pina represented how men see women as materials for earthly desires, for pleasure and degrading. When Pina was saved by Andy, he represented the few men that stands up for the right of every women to be respected and loved.

The scene where Pina was changing her personalities was very symbolic for it represents change that is ever unchanging. Change is the only constant thing in our world and Pina expressed well. Changing from a quiet reserved girl to a loud pick-up...
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