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Topics: Albany County, New York, Sales, Capital District Pages: 14 (4976 words) Published: November 23, 2007
Executive Summary
"We believe at Taft that each employee contributes to the Company's growth and success, we like to think of ourselves as friendly and informal. The cornerstone of our business is our commitment to deliver quality products and services to our customers."

Company Description
Is a family owned retailer, founded in 1960 by Walter Mulcahy; the business originality started in downtown Troy under the name Mulcahy's Inc. Then in 1971 they had to relocate the business because the Federal Urban Renewal Agency was buying up the retail business buildings and demolishing them. On August 26, 1972, Walter Mulcahy opened the first Warehouse- Showroom concept to New York State and surrounding states. This was so that the customer would be able to purchase low priced furniture and pick-it up in the same day. This would be a large warehouse to keep merchandise in stock. Taft Furniture has increased its size from 110,000 square feet to now having 160,000 square feet with a warehouse that measures to over 50 feet tall. In addition, to the original store, Taft has expanded to opening a second warehouse in Albany and as well as a new showroom store in Saratoga Springs, New York (one hour north of Albany) with over 45,000 square feet, which was built recently, September of 2006. In the store, Taft offers an affordable low priced, brand name furniture and bedding. Customers are allowed to special order right from the vender as well and still take advantage of the low pricing and financing packages. Taft has a fully staffed customer service department as well as a delivery department, customer service, associates, and repair division.

Strategic Focus and Plan
"We want to improve the look and comfort of our customer's home, at the same time creating a shopping experience that is not only convenient, but unique."

Non-finical goals: Taft Furniture wants to be the largest furniture store in the northeast. They want to have their competitors worried about whether they are going to expand and move into their area. Taft also wants to continue expanding in New York and into surrounding areas one day. Finical goals: In 2005, Taft Furniture's estimated net sales were $16,800,000. Their total sales with only one store were 25 to 29.9 million dollars. Taft financial goal is to increase their sales ten percent from the pervious year and make a profit.

Core Competencies and Sustainable Completive Advantages
Have two stores in different key locations. This makes it easy for people to travel to the store. Unlike Taft, other two major competitors: Morandians and Old Brickonly have stores close together in the Albany area. Taft's third major competitor has different stories in the Albany area and in surrounding states. However, they do not have a furniture store in the Saratoga area near Taft's second location.

Taft also have has two large warehouses. This makes the product easily available. Pieces are in stock and ready for the customer to pick-up on a weekday or weekend. Taft has a one year price protection program where as other stores only offer up to thirty days. What this price protection program offers is that if you buy a product and then in a couple of weeks later the furniture is on sale you will be able to get the monetary difference back.

Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Taft Furniture has many strengths; they have a high creditability within the capitol region and know by being the ‘Big Store' in Albany, New York. Taft has been doing a superior job with customer service and profits; therefore, they were able to open a new store as well as an additional warehouse. Taft has had the ability to expand in many of their other departments as well because of the advantages being more profitable and satisfying their customers. Their delivery department started off with only having two trucks and now to the higher demand they have escalated to eight...
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