Topics: Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Sparring Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Do you know what Taekwondo is? Do you know how Taekwondo benefits the practitioner? Do you know Taekwondo is also considered a sport and is an event in many major competitions? When these questions are asked, the majority of the people who answer do not know the correct answers or the complete answer. Although many people do not know much about Taekwondo, there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide getting involved. Taekwondo is the world’s fastest growing martial art, with currently over fifty million practitioners and growing everyday. The majority of the practitioners who get involved do so to learn self-defense. Not only do the practitioners learn self-defense, but they also learn many helpful things and receive the benefits that Taekwondo has to offer. Also, Taekwondo has become a sporting event in many major sporting competitions. But mainly, Taekwondo provides people with sporting and self-defending ability and gives that person an edge in daily life, with its merits as a martial art sport of self-discipline. First of all, Taekwondo teaches the practitioner self-defense, which can be used for a lifetime. Many of the self-defense techniques taught stimulate many real life situations so the person would know what to do when caught in a similar situation. Also, because not everything can be taught for all situations that arise, many basic techniques, rules, methods, and concepts are taught and emphasized. On the other hand, self-defense practice includes doing everyday drills, forms, and sparring. Self-defense training does not always have to be 100 percent self-defense training. Although, you really do not get instruction on self-defense when doing drills, forms, or sparring, those practices are just another way of learning self-defense and improving your skill of self-defense. Basically, all the instruction concepts, techniques, and rules of Taekwondo teach a person self defense in one way or another. Second of all,...
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