Taco Man Short Story

Topics: Family, Mother, Great Depression, Short story, Father, Gender / Pages: 2 (264 words) / Published: May 22nd, 2017
On the corner of 8th and main there’s a man who sulkily shows up every day, rain or shine, with his taco stand. It was as if the man was a denizen of 8th street. Each day there is also a dog that languidly shows up, a cordial little pug to be exact. Each day the dog stands in front of the stand, just until the vulgar man chases him away and screams to him “never come back”. However it seems as though the dog is oblivious to the man’s words. Each day the dog still comes back, even if he was scrutinized each and every day. One day, after being chased away the day before, the dog came back. Still with a gayety attitude. The taco man came out, and went through the normal routine of making sure the dog had went away, yelling as usual. However this

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