Tackling Football Violence

Topics: The Football Association, Football, FA Cup Pages: 20 (6884 words) Published: January 12, 2011

Department of Management, School of Business Administration

MBA - 701



Lecturer: Dr Maria Michailidis

Student: Demetris Siamilis

Student ID: U094N0610

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Abstract 3

Introduction 4

Football violence in Cyprus 6

1. Organizational behavior 7

1.1 Job satisfaction 7

1.2 Motivation 8

1.3 Teams and communication 8

1.4 Leadership 8

2. Organizations 9

3. Measures 11

Conclusion 16

References 17


The difficult and arguable problem of football violence in Cyprus is presented in this project. A number of measures are going to be suggested for a problem that ended up to be a sort of diachronic in the island. These measures have been tested in Europe and especially in the UK having the best results regarding the deduction and prevention of football violence. The evaluation though for the most measures are still in suspense, since some are very innovational and are not in use. Before these measures, a historical review is important to understand the facts about the problem of football violence. How the known ‘English disease’ became a worldwide phenomenon and transformed fans into hooligans. The problem and its dimension in Cyprus football. How organizations affect football and how they could help to prevent football violence; Cyprus Football Association (CFA), Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO), Police, Ministry of justice and public order, media, football players, fans, referees, other (e.g. stadiums authorities etc). Their importance in order to change the fanatic atmosphere and have a better future in Cyprus football, away from hooligans and violence. The main concern of this project is to understand the necessity of a correct organizational behavior in every organization in order for an ideal multi-organizational behavior, which is going to be able to prevent football violence. An organizational change in culture and behavior is the beginning of the change in our society, culture and the way we see and deal things in life.


‘Violence by supporters of sports teams dates back to Roman times, when supporters of chariot racing teams were frequently involved in major riots. A notable example of this is the Nika riots of 532’. [Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_in_sports] There have been passed about twenty centuries and violence still exists. In fact, some countries have a huge problem regarding violence in sports and more specific in football. Unfortunately, Cyprus is one of them and every season there are lots of cases that have to do with fan violence, inside and outside the stadiums. The high level of violence by supporters of football teams reaches the phenomenon of hooliganism. ‘Sports spectator behaviour has been for many years a major cause for concern, not only in the U.K....

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