Taboos: Cultures

Topics: Culture, Eating, Food Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: May 4, 2010
In the world we live in there are multiple taboos. Depending on your culture, religion and beliefs many strange and bizarre things are completely normal to some people and even animals throughout the world. Taboos are what people find to be strange and unusual practices or what unique things people may do or eat in different parts of the world. Different cultures would consider strange things to eat as a delicacy in some areas or cultures and wouldn’t even dream of being eaten in other cultures. Sometimes they could even be forbidden or illegal by certain beliefs. Some religious taboos even reach to the extreme of whether or not to wear clothing. Cultures in different parts of the world believe in living in a non urban life style and not wearing any clothing, which is considered a nudist colony. Different taboos are accepted in parts of the world for traditional reasons, cultural beliefs and a variety of religion beliefs. In some parts of the world, people or cultures enjoy very different foods and consider these delicacies. In some cultures they hunt for their food. These cultures never waste any part of the animal’s body. All of the animal’s body parts are edible to them. They will even eat all the organs of the animal. These cultures actually believe that certain organs are aphrodisiacs. These delicacies are very rare and hard to locate. This is the reason why they are considered a delicacy and are so expensive. Some different examples, I found interesting in cultures throughout the world: They would include people eating insects anyway you can imagine. However, you would never find these in an American restaurant. Another is in some areas rats are like field animals and people eat them like they are a squirrel or rabbit. American on the other hand thinks that rats are dirty and disgusting animals. This is because they live in filth in city sewage and garbage dumps. Also, rats carry multiple diseases. In other countries the rats live in fields, eat grass...
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