Tabloid Magazine Comparison

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Tabloid Magazine Comparison

Magazines are produced everyday and every night. It is bought all around the US in almost any convenient store. There are your sports magazines, gossip magazines, celebrity, the average person, breaking stories, comedy magazines, and mainly anything that has to do with people. It basically grabs your attention for the most part. Anything “juicy” or “shocking” that can be a hit article. The stories they have in magazines have to be exciting and it has to grab attention from readers. The publisher has to know what readers want to see or hear, even if it means doing dirty work. For example, a publisher has a picture of a man and women and makes it look much more than the real picture; when really, the man was just giving directions to the women. It’s whatever sells and to who’s buying. In this case, people.

Some major tabloid magazines include Drudge Report, Star Magazine, Weekly World News, Planet Sun, Teen Magazine, and much more. Some are full of informative articles while others are about gossip or opinions. Two of the more famous celebrity magazines are Us Weekly and People Magazine. They are both similar and different. US weekly is a celebrity gossip magazine as in, People Magazine is a weekly American magazine of celebrity and human interest stories. The Us Weekly is pretty much a pure celebrity gossip magazine. It’s based on the lives of celebrities and their everyday activity. They are followed by paparazzi publically, and also secretly. It’s not always a good thing, but in some cases it can. People Magazine is what they consider a half and half (50/50) magazine, one where they have human-interest stories as well as celebrity stories. They can have a death of a person from a social network and can also have something about Lindsay Lohan.

People Magazine’s first issue was released in 1974. Three years sooner to that Us Weekly released theirs in 1977. The Company behind People Magazine is Time Inc. (Time...
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