Tablet Computers in Education

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Tablet Computers in Education
Assistant Professor
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Annamalai Nagar
Tablet Computers are quickly emerging as a powerful Learning tool in higher education. The unique functionality of the Tablet Computer allows teachers to create lecture materials for their classes using digital format that can be distributed to students for later review. A tablet enhanced learning environment is an environment where single or multiple tablets are implemented to enhance student learning. Though a universally agreed-upon definition is currently lacking, there is some agreement that a tablet is a computer is a personal computer whose primary input device is a screen or a convertible notebook computer whose screen can be used as an input device. Introduction

The Tablet Computer is the next innovative device to hit the educational technology sector. Its design and handwriting functionality, challenges the way faculty and students integrate tablet computers into their teaching and learning process. Tablets are becoming increasingly common tools in schools. There's a wealth of options available, a range of web apps or apps designed for different operating systems and so many choices for teachers and students to make that it is sometimes useful to know the range of ways that they are making a difference across a range of different subject areas. Though this range can't be exhaustive or final, given the early stages of widespread adoption, it will provide a starting point for those aiming to use these tools to enhance learning through appropriate and effective use of the technologies available. Tablet Computers in Education

Pedagogy is related to how teachers teach, and the strategies they use in their work. The impact of tablets on pedagogy has been a central focus of the Tablets for School. The success of tablets depends on the school’s approach to learning, and the extent to which the tablets are integrated into this approach. Schools that link technology use to pedagogy, and set clear goals for use, are more likely to see positive effects.

Learning should never be technology led. Teachers teach, technology assists. This is an important statement, and one that is often forgotten. Focus should be placed on how the technology can be used to aid learning. There are a number of advantages to using this type of

technology with students, one of which is the additional engagement that the touch interaction with the content brings. There is a clear educational advantage to be gained from better engagement, including increased stimulation, decreased 'time to learn' and enhanced knowledge retention. Additionally, tablet technology offers a change to the traditional use of ICT such as fixed computers or Laptops, allowing for additional usage scenarios and inclusion in learning activities not previously associated with ICT.

Tablet Computers in Teaching and Learning
Mobile learning involves the use of tablet computer technology, either alone or in combination with other information and communication technology (ICT), to enable learning anytime and anywhere. Learning can unfold in a variety of ways: people can use mobile devices to access educational resources, connect with others, and create content, both inside and outside classrooms. Mobile learning also encompasses efforts to support broad educational goals such as effective administration of school systems through the use of tablet computer devices. Tablet computers provide a unique opportunity to create a truly portable learning experience. Lightweight with a long battery life, they offer possibilities not previously seen with other 'mobile' computing solutions. This lends itself to better use of technology within teaching. For example, quick access to reference material during a lesson, previously difficult to achieve with existing ICT, can bring key advantages and enhance learning. Using tablets in...

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