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Topics: Better, Saw, Circular saw Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 14, 2005
Of all the modern tools and machines used in the wood shop, the table saw is the mostly used. A table saw is an essential tool that can be used for an unlimited number of woodworking tasks. Compared to many newer and more advanced table saws in the woodworking industry, Central Washington Universities table saws definitely have room for improved product design and upgrades. A long list of modifications to the table saw can be done to make it the ultimate machine; but I narrowed it down to four that I believe would be most important. These four changes to the machine would consist of a larger off button for easier power shutdown, an improved fence for more accuracy and ease of operation, a removable blade guard for safety, and a better outfeed extension table to save space.

Turning off the table saw in the middle of a cut can most times be a pain, because you have to take one hand off of the work piece and fumble around under the saw to find the switch. To fix this problem, the saws push button off switch should be replaced with a larger panel button which would make it much easier and safer to shut down the machine. Bump the panel with your knee and the machine is shut down with no hassle. Taking your eyes off of your work to find the switch is not very safe.

Being able to cut materials safely and precisely on your table saw is essential for fast and accurate woodworking which is why you need a top quality fence. The fence on the saw in the woodshop is harder than it should be to adjust smoothly and accurately. It is very difficult to finely adjust the fence because I find myself having to tap it hard to get it to budge slightly. A new, solid and more accurate fence should replace the original to make it quick to adjust and easy to use. The fence should be able to move back and forth as well as side to side. This would allow me to move the fence back in the middle of the table which could help prevent the work from binding at the back of blade and...
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