Systems Thinking

Topics: Management, Systems theory, Feedback Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 14, 2015

"Systems thinking" involves thinking in loops rather than in straight lines. Because all parts of a system are interrelated, if change becomes initiated in one part of the system all parts will be impacted in a ripple effect all the way back to the original action – this is called a feedback loop. Discuss how a feedback loop would benefit a change initiative within an organization.

Most systems have feedback loops, which enforce communication in some type of way. If an organization implements a change it can or cannot be heard within the organization. One may also hear a message but later not remember what was discussed. And even if the message is remembered, it may not lead to new behavior. However, feedback loops are essential for revealing what was heard, what was remembered, and what new behaviors, if any, have resulted (Judge, 2015). System thinking involves keeping thinking in a loop and may give room for the system to grow (O'Connor & McDermott, 1997). Change initiative can be very beneficial from feedback loops. An organization may not see the change that is design and put in place and feedback loops may help with broadening and refining the original perspective (Judge, 2015). According to Judge (2015), “some change initiatives are just wrong-headed, and the communication system should enable the rest of the organization to weigh in on its overall worth and efficacy.” In addition, new things are learned as change initiatives are rolled out. However, feedback loops can provide information that is conflicting so most systems may ignore the information because it may become difficult to sort out the differences (Judge, 2015).

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interconnectedness of the "whole"...
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