Systems Thinking

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Wynand Goosen
The art of systems thinking demonstrates the skills of true modern leaders. If governments and economists could truly grasp the impact, the world will change forever, for the better.


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1.1 Quiz 1 | The embedding process is very powerful in assisting you to identify the real problem. By way of becoming adept in using the process you are required to use the process in an actual work environment. Describe the process and the outcome and your observations of the effectiveness of the process.| TABLE OF CONTENTS1.1 Introduction 31.2 The development of an e-learning platform in Rims Infomage Group 41.3 The Development of the new system 51.4 The Literature and application to the business problem 51.5 Conclusion 7 1.1 IntroductionThe embedding process is preceded by the understanding of the systems approach to management. The systems approach in management is loosely defined as the ability to think “big picture” This approach suggests that the impact of analysis, design and decision making, is based on the influence that such would have on the overall, big picture, or total system. The system in this instance is the collective processes that, together, constitute a system. There are three states of a system:* The as it is state* The as it will be* The as it should beIn the Da Vinci approach a fourth state, namely the “design state” , is added. In order to move the system from the as it will be to the as it should be, a design process would be required. Analysis, strategy and action would be required to move from one state to another. The embedding process suggests the pursuit of a” probing” approach. Thus, in such application the “why” approach to analysis is used. The question enables the team to look at decisions more deeply and more systems based. The embedding process is a very effective in analyzing and dissolving a problem. According to the Gale group(2010:2) organizational learning can be embedded to transform from a service organization to a learning organization.Embedding can be compared to a Cartesian approach, as it separates the facts into finite details. According to Barry & Beckman (2007:1) Companies throughout the world are seeking competitive advantage by leading through innovation, some, such as Apple, Toyota, Google, and Starbucks, with great success. Many countries such...

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