Systems Theory

Topics: Sociology, Family, Ripple effect Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: May 20, 2005
A. Three main concepts about systems theory.
„«The ripple effect
1.A chain reaction that spreads across a system affecting almost all or all parts. 2.The ripple effect can start as a small blip that alone has little importance. However, when this small incident starts to affect other parts of a large system, it spreads causing magnified problems for the group and its individual members. Cal State University, Chico had poor budget planning and too many extra expenses over the last few years, such as a brand new student union building and a new building for physical education and recreation majors. Due to the extra expenses, tuition has been steadily increasing, while funding for many things has been cut. Because of the cuts, fewer professors are being staffed. With fewer professors classes are being canceled, class size has dramatically increased, and it is taking students a longer time to graduate. „«Synergy

1.This is when the individual parts of a group create a greater outcome than just the sum of the members. The potential that 4 individuals bring into a situation in multiplied because of the group dynamic. 2.A group consisting of 6 members has 6 individual personalities, intelligence levels, creativity, work ethic and numerous other traits. If synergy occurs, when these individuals get together their potential is not merely the sum of their traits. They become amplified by each other and produce a greater result. When the hunt for Saddam Hussein was on, our government agencies that have always worked alone in the past collaborated. With the FBI, CIA and other powerful agencies pooling their resources and knowledge, a greater goal was able to be accomplished; the capture of Saddam Hussein. „«Negative Synergy

1.This is when individual parts of a group have a negative influence on each other, causing the sum of the individuals to be less than expected. 2.This can happen due to a single member with a negative attitude, or multiple members...
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