Systems Consideration in Hris

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Systems Consideration in Human Resources Information Systems

LaTonia Roberson

Strayer University—Online

Dr. Zelphia Brown

January 27, 2013

Systems Consideration in Human Resources Information System


This paper considers several comprehensive Human Resources Management Software packages and their interaction when deployed as a software as a service (SaaS) solution. Epicor HCM solutions and Icims Talent Platform are two services that provide Human Capital Management. Articles give opinions on why software as a service is not for every business and also why software as a service is considered to be very sound choice for small to medium sized businesses. Online resources will show the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems. The articles outlines that an organization needs to have a clear definition of what is needed from the software program in order to make the right decision on what program would best suit the organizations needs.

The Human Resources Profession must stay up to date with technology and new software programs that will make the job more cost effective and efficient for the employer. This means making sure the Human Resource Information System is able to configure relevant information. Any Human Resource Information System must be capable of meeting the business goals. Software as a Service can provide this for most companies. The SaaS approach means that small and mid-sized clients gain access to Fortune 500 service, expertise and technology without the financial or technical burdens (e.g. hardware, software, licensing, employing IT staff and technical expertise) normally associated with such advanced solutions (Manahan 2009). “And Google recently has become hyper focused on the emerging market” (Gruber 2010). Software as a Service has made a major contribution in Human Resource Management through the creation of different software platforms; therefore, this paper will compare two well known software platforms: Icims Talent Platform and Epicor Human Capital Management.

iCIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS’ Talent Platform, is a web-based software platform for the human resource profession. This particular platform concentrates on working with recruiters and hiring managers to track applicants. This platform has a lot of tools for talent management; specifically, managing candidates before and after they are hired. The software program also screens the applicant base. This entitles the best candidates be referred to the recruiter, who then forwards the application to the hiring manager. The program also has features that include a multi-lingual online career center, candidate screening & evaluation, sourcing, onboarding and offboarding and workforce planning.

Disadvantages of iCIMS Talent Platform

iCIMS’ Talent Platform does not have an overall software platform that performs a variety of tasks Human Resource professionals are required to have done daily. The talent platform would only be sufficient for recruiters. Recruitment is only a portion of what Human Resources entails and therefore this software program would not be cost effective.

Epicor HCM

Epicor Human Capital Management provides a more proactive approach for Human Resource Professionals. The name pretty much explains it all. The comprehensive Human Resource Management software is why this company beats iCIMS Talent Platform. Epicor offers a total software package that allows an organization to track, manage, and analyze an employee’s data from when that person is an applicant until that person is ready for retirement. The software system includes recruitment, benefits, it tracks absences giving human resources and management a greater control over staffing.

Recommendation for Epicor

Epicor provides a robust set of flexible and configurable human resources, payroll, and...

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