Systems Analysis Study Guide

Topics: Project management, Net present value, Costs Pages: 11 (2808 words) Published: May 5, 2013
1. Systems Analyst - The systems analyst assists and guides the project team so the team develops the right system in an effective way. a. Systems analysts must understand how to apply technology in order to solve problems. b. Systems analysts may also serve as change agents who identify the organization improvements needed, design systems to implement those changes, and train/motivate others to use the systems. c. Skills

i. Introduces change to the organization and people ii. Leads a successful organization change effort
iii. Understands what to change and knows how to change it iv. Must have technical skills, as well as, business skills v. Communicate effectively and give presentations
vi. Must be able to deal fairly, honestly, and ethically with other project members, managers, and systems users 2. Project Team Specialization
d. Systems Analyst
vii. Focuses on the IS issues surrounding the system. viii. Develops ideas and suggestions for ways IT can improve business process, helps design new business process, designs the new information system, and ensures that all IS standards are maintained. e. Business Analyst

ix. Focuses on the business issues surrounding the system x. Identifies the business value that the system will create xi. Develops ideas for improving the business processes xii. Helps design new business processes and policies f. Infrastructure Analyst

xiii. Focuses on technical issues surrounding the ways the system will interact with the organization’s technical infrastructure xiv. Ensures that the new information system conforms to organization standards xv. Identifies infrastructure changes

g. Change Management Analyst
xvi. Focuses on the people and management issues surrounding the system installation. xvii. Ensures that adequate documentation and support are available to users. xviii. Provides user training.

xix. Develops strategies to overcome resistance to change. h. Project Manager
xx. Highly experienced systems analyst.
xxi. Ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget. xxii. Makes sure the system delivers the expected value to the organization. 3. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) (PADI)

i. Each of the phases include a set of steps, which rely on techniques that produce specific document files that provide understanding about the project. j. To Understand the SDLC:
xxiii. Each phase consists of steps that lead to specific deliverables xxiv. The system evolves through gradual refinement k. Phase I: Planning
xxv. This phase is the fundamental process of understanding why an information system should be built. xxvi. The Planning phase will also determine how the project team will go about building the information system. xxvii. The Planning phase is composed of two planning steps. 1. During project initiation, the system’s business value to the organization is identified (How will it lower costs or increase revenues?). 2. During project management, the project manager creates a work plan, staffs the project, and puts techniques in place to help the project team control and direct the project through the entire SDLC. l. Phase II: Analysis

xxviii. The analysis phase answers the questions of who will use the system, what the system will do, and where and when it will be used. xxix. During this phase the project team investigates any current system(s), identifies improvement opportunities, and develops a concept for the new system. xxx. This phase has three analysis steps.

3. Analysis strategy: This is developed to guide the projects team’s efforts. This includes an analysis...
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