Systems Analysis and Design

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Maria Onyechere
MIS362 Systems Analysis and Design
September 14, 2012
Assignment #2

You have been assigned to write a formal mission statement for SWL. Start by reviewing SWL’s background in chapter 1, then do internet research to find mission statement that seems clear, focused, and easy to understand. Pay special attention to Web-based and catalog retail firms to see how they approach the issue.

Mission: SoftWear, Limited’s mission is to manufacture and sell high-quality casual and recreational clothing for men and women at a competitive price.

Review the preliminary investigation report to see whether all four feasibility tests were discusses in the report. Write a brief summary of your findings.

The report covered the four feasibility test. SWL experienced data error that caused human resource department send the wrong employee stock exchange reduction. This area is concerned with operational feasibility which is the fact that errors caused by ineffective system can present problem for system users. In the preliminary investigation this issue was discussed and recommendation such as performing a full analysis of the current system would help determine and possibly fix the current manual processing in SWL. Technical, economic and schedule feasibility were also discussed. The economic benefit of analyzing this issue and the expected benefits were clearly defined. SWL will be saving money on the long run giving that the company is expected to grow and have done so the past years. Pay roll staff incurred an additional expense of about $12,288 per which might increase per year depending on whether or not they will be employing new staff into the company so given the cost estimate of $3300 per week and about $30,000 in total over a period of 4months will save SWL money over time if all recommendations are effective.

Review the payroll department organization information on page 94. Using this information, prepare an organization chart...
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