Systematic Observation

Topics: Observation, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: October 6, 2010

Project I

Systematic Observation

Systematic observation is an assessment strategy used to document behavior, activities, knowledge or skills of a sample space (here, a group of people) over a period of time, rather than assessing the sample space at the same time.

The rationale for our observations is to interpret the reading interests of males and females by the magazines they choose to buy. From the observations it can be hypothesized that what the sample space prefers to read in their leisure time. The results are substantial because one would spend money buying a magazine only when he/she is interested in it.

The reading interests of males and females, defined by what magazine they buy is observed in the study. One can conclude from the study the reading interests of males and females from the fact one would spend money buying a magazine only when he/she is interested in it.

The location where the observations were taken at a bookstore, Crossword situated at Ground Floor, Mohammadbhai Mansion, NSP Marg, Kemps Corner, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The observations were taken by remaining unobtrusive. We went to the store as readers and there was no change in the environment or the behavior of the people as they did not know that they were being observed.

While conducting the study we went to the magazines section of the bookstore and using the pretext of reading, observed people choosing the magazines they prefer. We ourselves pretended to read, at a position where the whole magazine section is visible and what magazines people pick is also visible. The observations were taken on 15th, 16th and 17th December, 2009, 14:00-15:30 hrs. The observations were made by both the members of the group. The observations were recorded on a parchment of paper we were carrying with us.

The sample space includes both males and females. The people in the sample space are from the earning class. The sample space is divided into males and...
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