Systematic Matching Sampling

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Systematic Matching sampling is a way, a procedure or a manner of taking action following processes. In such cases before conducting field research, it is taking a certain approach of identifying which course of action best suits the chosen field of study with concern to undertaking research. The purpose of this essay is to discuss what systematic matching is and how researchers use this method to determine satisfactory results. “The purpose of matching is to find an available respondent who is as similar as possible to the selected member of the target sample” (Rivers, 2009: 6).

Systematic matching sampling is when an individual or a targeted group of people are matched due to similarities they may have. According to Black, “Systematic sampling is to be applied only if the given population is logically homogenous, because systematic sample units are uniformily distributed over the population” (Black, 2004: 7). Black further states that in using this procedure each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected for study and that it is a more efficient way of conducting research. As an example, a supermarket wants to investigate the buying habits of their customers and so resorts to using systematic matching sampling choosing every tenth and fifteenth customer that enters the supermarket and so they conduct the study on that particular sample. This is random sampling done systematically for systematic matching sampling cannot be rendered alone. The first and foremost step is to select the first case randomly and from this step, choices that are made thereafter will be at regular intervals.

In our area of study we would like to review the effectiveness of Student Learning Support Services formerly CELT to students of the USP, concentrating on those who have accessed such services and are in their 2nd and 3rd years of study. For example, we would like to sample 6 students from a class of 85 students who have accessed a Study Skills...
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