System Security Threats

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Possible threats to Security
Computer systems are vulnerable to many threats which can result in significant damage or loss of data such as natural disasters, a fire, loss can also stem from supposedly trusted employees defrauding the system and unauthorized access from an outside source. Threats maybe classified into two broad categories, environmental or passive threats and threats that are posed by people. Threats posed by people

The threats to a computer system which are attributable to people are: Employee Sabotage
Employees are most familiar with the set up of their employer’s computers and applications. If the staff was downsized for the art gallery and the system accounts were not deleted in a timely manner then the employees who were out of a job could easily access the data and tamper with it. Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is the act of gathering proprietary data from private companies or the government for the purpose of helping another company. Industrial espionage can be perpetrated either by companies seeking to improve their competitive advantage or by governments seeking to aid their domestic industries. Foreign industrial espionage carried out by a government is often referred to as economic espionage. Since information is processed and stored on computer systems, computer security can help protect against such threats; it can do little, however, to reduce the threat of authorized employees selling that information. Malicious Hacker

Malicious hackers, sometimes called crackers, are people who break into computers without authorization. They can be people who work for the organization or people who are on the outside. The hacker threat should be considered in terms of past and potential future damage. Although current losses due to hacker attacks are significantly smaller than losses due to insider theft and sabotage, the hacker problem is widespread and serious. Sometimes hackers would penetrate a system just to see if they are...
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