System Security Monitoring

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System Security Monitoring
November 5, 2012
Henry Rivera Jr.

Every organization has risks and it is extremely critical for them to identify what these risks are and to mitigate and avoid further damages in case of disastrous events. These disastrous events can be prevented by designing and implementing a robust security monitoring system and utilizing industry proven practices and activities. Information Security refers to safety of information in terms of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation (Byrnes & Proctor, 2002). This document will provide a clear definition about the security monitoring activities that should be designed and conducted in an organization that has both internal and external applications. Security Monitoring Activities

Organizations from different industries and sizes should always associate security monitoring activities as part of their management processes. As such, identifying, handling, and effectively providing solutions become an integral part of the organization, as opposed to having it viewed merely as a liability. Good risk management plays a very important role for organizations to achieve their missions by providing good services and products while accomplishing substantial Return on Investment (ROI). Security monitoring is a significant part of risk management for internal business operations such as payroll, human resources, inventory, and general ledger, as well as external functions including sales, marketing, and e-commerce. Security Monitoring Internal

The monitoring process should be part of an organization’s daily operations. Each function, area, or entity that has potential risks should be analyzed and prioritized based on its weight and effects to the organization. Risk identification and prioritization is important so that the organization can design the necessary plans and actions to mitigate these risks. Security monitoring should start with assigning a trusted...

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