System Requirements Specification

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Software Requirements Specification
Automated Car Parking
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1. Introduction
* 1.1 Purpose of this document
Document is being made to reduce the time waste.
* 1.2 Scope of this document
This Document include the client and Parking area and Administration of Parking area And a car will be parked automatically. The client have to drive the car to the proper place from where the computer will pick the car and park it into the proper allotted place. There will be a specific cost for specific time period on the parking of the car. * 1.3 Overview

As the client give the proper data and parked the car, The car will be parked in the area after the time period client come back to pick the car, there will a cost of car parking according to the time client has parked in the car, after the paying the ticket he client will be able to pick the car. * 1.4 Business Context

this project is being done by the “A-Parking lot” which is future famous car parking lot company which provides the automated car main objective is to give such a system to reduce the time waste of human in finding the appropriate car parking. 2. General Description

* 2.1 Product Functions
This system will allow the client to interact with the system and find a way to get the car parked in very less time as compared to manual car parking, this car parking system needs some input data from the user to input to park the car. * System interact with the client in the very specified manner, a system will be there who allow the client to enter the data and also require the data from the user, without that data the user will not be able to park the car in the area. * Main advantage of this system is there is no need to check the free place for parking, computer will automatically assign the place for any specific car and if the lot become full, computer will not let any more car to get parked.

2.2 Similar System Information
According to scope of this project, this software is a stand-alone and implemented independently of other systems working there in the company. But although this is a useful software and can also be used as component of a large systems. * 2.3 User Characteristics

The system requires a little training of the administrator and it will be simple. This application is intended for the employees that work in the company where the system is going to be implemented.. * 2.4 User Problem Statement

Currently there is no automated car parking is our country and which becomes very time wasting job oftenly,through this system users will be allowed to park the car in the computer assisted parking area so there will be very less time waste. * 2.5 User Objectives

User want to have a system in which they know from where to leave the car to let the computer park the car and there should be a very easy interface which doesn’t require any training. * 2.6 General Constraints

the main constraint of this system is that the user has to park the car in the certain place from where the computer can pick the car and put in the proper place. 3. Functional Requirements

3.1 Car Data:
3.1.1 Description
it will allow the system to get the data of the car directly from sensors and user ID manually from the interface and a lot the specific ticket no. 3.1.2 Criticality
Information about the user is the most important thing, because if it is not done there is possibilities that there may same shaped car given to any body else. 3.1.3 Technical issues
there will cameras who will get the car info and user`s info will be given by the user through the interface. As there are many chances that the any equipment get damage in the assembling procedure so there is also need of high skilled electricians who assemble the system. 3.1.4 Risks

If the car is not parked in the proper place then camera will not catch the properly so there are chances...

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