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I. System Requirement Checklist

A. Output

✓ The inventory system must produce a daily report showing the quantity of the distributed ticket with their corresponding ticket numbers and a total amount of ticket sales.

✓ The system must have an employee record for management inspection.

✓ The purchasing system must have a valid transaction receipt for the customers view.

✓ The system must have a time reminder for every train arrival and departure.

B. Input

✓ Employees must enter their username and password for the logging in process.

✓ The ticket clerk must input the necessary data including the route of the passenger, quantity of their purchase and the time of their travel during the transaction.

C. Process

D. Performance

✓ The system must be operational 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

✓ Respond time must not exceed 4 seconds.

✓ The system support only one user at a time.

✓ The system must have a daily update of the ticket sales.

E. Security

✓ The system must provide log on security.

✓ An employee record must be added, changed or deleted only by the chief of the station.

✓ Time, date, train schedule can only be change by the chief of the station.

II. Data Flow Diagram

A. Context Diagram

B. Diagram 0

C. Lower-Level Diagram

III. Data Dictionary

A. Elements

|Label |Type & Length |Source |Security | |Username |Input name |I.N |* Admin’s Username | | | | |* Employee’s Username | |Password |Input password |I.P |*Admin’s Username *Employee’s | | | | |Password | |Ticket Number |Control number |CN |*Ticket number | |Route |Destination |DES |*To | | | | |* From | |Schedule |Time of departure |T.S |*Time | | | | |*Date | |Employee Info |Personal Information |R.N |*Full Name | | | | |*Age | | | | |*Address | | | | |*Contact Number | |Price |Fare |P.F...
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