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Chapter 2
Data Gathering is significant in starting a system for a certain business. Related literatures such as books, periodicals, magazines, local and foreign are great basis of ideas related in system designing.

2.1 Review of Related Literature
This is intended for the clarity and understanding of the study by giving the previous studies, which helped in the proponent's investigation on the development of the system

2.1.1 Review of Related Local Literature
JOHN SY HARDWARE Sales and Marketing System
JSH Sales and Marketing System offers complete POS automation back by a team of professionals prepared to help guide you through the most complex issues. Additional features of the JSH Sales and Marketing System include automated importation of updates to the inventory database and printing of reports, this JSH system is complete hardware store POS automation, simplified and perfectly clear. JSH system interfaces directly with many popular sales system. This means comprehensive control over sales movement and in-coming inventory stocks. JSH system accesses your current databases and compares information between stocks and items that have been paid for. Users can also utilize JSH's up-to-the-second back office reporting power to accurately track prescription sales and profits, as well as on-hand and on-order quantities of various inventory items.

Inventory System With Forecasting

Inventory System with Forecasting using Barcode Technology is a system intended to use at the warehouse department of NIDEC-COPAL Philippines Corporation. Forecasting helps to determine how many raw materials are needed to produce a product and avoid over stock and under stock of items. Barcoding is provided to encode the raw materials and products easier and organized.

NIDEC-COPAL Philippines Corporation or NCPC, formerly Precision Engineered Components Corporation...
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