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System Evaluation

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Netflix is an internet TV company that produces the highest quality TV shows and movies for it's viewers. Given that it contains hundreds and even thousands of movies and TV shows on it's server, how does it remain to be one of the fastest? Netflix is using a cloud based system that has drastically changed it's organization over the years. Netflix is by far one of the biggest cloud based services in the IT field. In the past, Netflix has used some of it's services with Amazon. It was using different servers and it was quite primitive. Finally, Netflix decided to contact Amazon and decided to move its entire technology system to Amazon's Web Services. Netflix migrated from a primitive SCM based library management system, to a system that only requires a small team to manage a giant pool of data.

The business requirements that drove the systems initial development is to improve the availability and reliability of the data in Netflix. Netflix mission is to always find a problem of any outages and to make sure the roots of them are found and fixed. Detecting issues before customers find them and fixing them automatically. The purpose for Netflix is to deliver a fast paced and reliable service. According to Kevin McEntee, who is Netflix's vice president in engineering, Netflix switched to a cloud computing system in order to focus their innovation around finding movies, rather than building bigger data centers. Netflix needs a systems that can deliver high quality streaming videos to customers all over the world. Cloud computing is a low cost system that doesn't need different servers to work on. With cloud computing, there is no need for waiting weeks on a server to be delivered. Netflix was able to update their system within under six months. This system allows...

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