System Development Overview Assignment 3

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1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------- page 1 2. The system ------------------------------------------------------------------- page 1 3. Systems Requirements ---------------------------------------------------- page 2 4. Use Cases -------------------------------------------------------------------- page 4 5. Domain Model --------------------------------------------------------------- page 5 6. An Approach to Systems Development ------------------------------- page 6 7. Reflection and conclusion ------------------------------------------------ page 7 8. References ------------------------------------------------------------------- page 8

1. Introduction

On the spot courier is a dependable project, we can say this by doing research and understanding very well. This courier service is small, but growing, courier service that needs to track customers, pickups, deliveries. It ll also allow customer s to allow real time updates of pickup and deliveries with mobile devices. Customers can schedule their own picks ups from a web based interface. It additionally discusses in regards to the men as well as stuff that's important for the process development.

2. The System

Scope: The main focus of this project is meeting the requirements of the customers. The main requirements of the customer is nothing but the delivering the packages in time and faithfully. As these are the main goals of the courier company. It is necessary to meet the requirements. It also need to deliver the packages in time and must be a cost effective method. It also must provide the position of the delivery packet for the convenience to the customer. And the last but not least is that it must reach target destination in a securely manner.

Size: Size plays an important role in the development of the project. The determining the size of the project is very important because the cost and material depends on the size of the project. Courier service is a medium sized project as there are not much actors involved in it. Higher the size of the project cost and material, man power increases and vice-versa. Determining the size of the project requires great standards of quality. There are various parameters that need to be considered while determining the project. Some are * Man power

* Machinery
* Capitol Investment.

Complexity: Complexity entails with offering the particular courier over time. Area things heap because the quality of the particular continuing along with inbound couriers changes ultimately. Crew along with Devices ranges got to be thought of as they have to be hired along with remain a problem having in line with the quantity of the particular couriers.

Manpower/Material: Manpower and Material are the main sources for any project. Man power involves labour and others * Owner
* Warehouse Manager
* Delivery Manager
* Labour/Workers
Material may include the things which are used in the building up the project. Like * Trucks/Delivery Vans/Vehicles
* Tables/Desks
* Computer’s/Server’s/Console’s
* Bill Generators
* Vending Machines
* Package Material.

3. Systems Requirements

System requirements are nothing but the utilities which are require to run a system. Which are the basic things for the development of the project * Windows Vista or MAC or RedHat or Higher
* Pentium processor Core 2 Duo Higher
* 512 MB RAM
* 80 GB  hard disk
* CD-ROM, 2x or higher
* DirectX 8.0 or higher

3.1 Question

While Bills company may be a smaller one the procedures that measure followed inside the work could most likely un-reliable and unmeasureable. So, additional care has to be taken for building the device because it can support the project procedures.

The ways that is often recommended with regard to Bill and either from the 2 ways that could be followed. If Bill offers smart...

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