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ePublishing Information System

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Table of Contents

1. Overview4
Advantages of ePublishing system4
Which problem needs to be solved?4
Where is the problem?4
Whose problem is it?4
Why does it need solving?5
How does the problem manifest itself?5
When does it need solving?5
What might prevent us solving it?5
2. Strategic dependency model6
3. Strategic rationale model6
4. Use cases diagram7
5. Use cases8
6. Class diagram10
7. Sequence diagrams11
8. State diagram13
9. Security analysis14
9.1. Context and assets identification14
9.2. Determination of security objectives14
9.3. Risk analysis and assessment14
9.4. Risk treatment and security requirement14
9.5. Security requirements definition and implementation14
9.5.1. Security requirements regarding to book contents14
9.5.2. Security requirements regarding to credentials14
9.5.3. Implementation15
10. Glossary15

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0.1| 18. november 2010| | Initial version|
0.2| 30. november| | Fixes: added explanation for sections 2. Strategic dependency model and 3. Strategic rationale model. Use case diagram made consistent with the rest of the document. | 0.3| 1. december| | Changes: Overview, added explanations to diagrams, modified sequence diagram.Additions: Security assets and their security criteria,Risk treatment chapters.| 1.0| 1. december| | Security analysis|

1. Overview
Our ePublishing system provides software and services for publishing and reading digital materials.

ePublishing system has two parties: publishing side and client side. This document deals mostly with authors side. In detail is provided the part of the system where author can preview his materials on a device before publishing them.

In our system client is the person who reads the published materials. The system provides client with a better reading experience by providing them software to use on everyday mobile devices.

Advantages of ePublishing system
Traditional model for publishing reading materials (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) does not suite very well for digital media. Main reasons are that it can be slow and is overall more expensive. In Estonia it costs on average 2000€ to publish a paper book. Authors need special funding to publish their books and almost 69% of books don’t earn profits for their authors.

With our system publishing of a book would cost 100€ and the author would earn his expenses by selling only 15 books. By publishing the traditional way it would require 200 units to be sold.

While there is a possibility to read textual materials on many digital devices (PDA, phones, laptops, desktop computers), there has not been done enough to enhance the reading experience of user. Our IS will provide tools to easily combine text, pictures, and video into standardized format, software to read the materials in natural and catchy way and processes to distribute and aquire materials. Which problem needs to be solved?

There are devices for mobile reading of electronic materials but few choices for easily and cheaply publishing materials for those. The ePublishing IS provides the means to compose, review and publish them. Where is the problem?

Book authors need to review their materials before they are published. Because one author can have multiple books in editing at the same time and unauthorized access needs to be prevented. Due to that the application for reviewing books needs to be developed. Whose problem is it?

Why does it need solving?
Our solution would provide better and more fulfilling reading experience for users. In order to provide these, we need a reviewing app(Editor application). We need an overviewing application to simplify reviewing process and to make sure books look as author envisioned them....
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