System Analysis and Design System Proposal

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I. Overview

Baggao Construction Supply is located in 22 MacArthur Highway, Sta. Rosa City. The company line of business is retail industry. It supplies their customers with the materials and tools in order to satisfy their needs in the field of building constructions and repair of household and business equipment and furniture. The type of customers who frequently visits the store is mostly regular and need-based customer. Since the store has already existed in that area for a long period of time, customers do buy small or large volume of materials. These customers who buy the products in small volumes are those who reside nearby and also those who are interested in repairing and constructing things on their own. Customers who purchase products in large volumes are those construction companies who are involved in residential and commercial constructions. The type of transaction is most commonly used by this company is sales transaction. Payment is made immediately by cash or credit. The shop does not allow a credit card transaction because in a construction hardware business the money should be always received immediately. Also in sales transaction, the business would prevent incurring loss. If the customer for instance is the close relative, friend of the owner or regular customer of the retail store, the company allows them to buy products at a lower rate.

A. Project Purpose, Objective and Success Criteria
The company’s problems are in the manual tracking of inventories, reporting of transactions, and preparation of financial statements. To solve the problems of the company, three information systems (IS) are proposed: Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Information System, and Financial Supply Chain Management System.

Baggao Construction Supply aims to become the best hardware store nationwide in terms of revenues, profitability and brand recognition, as well as the customer and employee satisfaction driven by commitment to our core philosophies and values. We will continue to offer the best possible range of construction supplies to meet the needs of our customers with our quality services delivered by the best qualified people. We firmly believe that excellence in the workplace gives assurance in systematized operation and quality service to achieve customer satisfaction. Thus, gaining more reputation in venturing challenges that will give our store to accomplish even higher ambition. Baggao Construction Supply is not just a retail company which provides a wide variety of quality building products at favorable prices. We are dedicated in giving the needs of our customers and employees by providing value to them. We are committed to demonstrate creativity and efficiency by applying innovative business practices to perform beyond expectation that will raise customer satisfaction.

Based on the external and internal analysis that we’ve conducted for Baggao Construction Supply, we then identified three potential information systems that can possibly address to the company’s weaknesses and to further improve its strengths that will help the company to its daily operations. The three (3) Information Systems we identified are as follows: * Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

* Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
* Financial Supply Chain Management System (FSCMS)

B. Assumptions and Constraints

* Error-prone Inventory Monitoring
According to the group’s research, the reason why inventory monitoring is error-prone is because the company uses manual processing of transactions, which means that they only use pen and paper in recording their inventory. Because of this, employees make a lot of errors in monitoring the inventory. It is also time-consuming for the employees because there are many products that come in the company. In order for the company to lessen operating costs, decrease or totally eliminate the occurrence of product deterioration due to bad...

Links: s E4200 | 7,590.00 | 1 | 7,590.00 |
PLDT myDSL Xperience 999 | 999.00 | 1 | 999.00 |
Web Domain | 2,000.00 | 1 | 2,000.00 |
10M Cat5E Ethernet Cable | 120.00 | 2 | 240.00 |
Total |   |   | 10,829.00 |
  |   |   |   |
  |   | Total Infrastructure Cost | 98,062.58 |
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