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Topics: Metro Manila, Crime, Victim Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Executive Summary
The data from the PNP-NCRPO as of 2011 indicated that crimes in Metro Manila are increasing. Carnapping occurs when a citizen takes a car without the owners consent, or a person forcively takes a car from another person. The victim can be held-up or kidnapped when assaulted by a carnapper. These can happen inside a car wherein the victim could not seek for immediate help. These problems/crimes are factors why Metro Manila can be noted as one of the dangerous capital cities in the world. (NCRPO, 2011) Parañaque is one of the richest cities in Metro Manila and has many tourist spots to visit. Parañaque has been noted to have a large amount of crime rate based on National Capital Region Police Office’s statistics (NCRPO, September 2011). P/Supt. Billy Beltran states that carnapping occurs in Parañaque twice a month for 2012. Even though Parañaque has its own police force it is not an assurance that their citizens especially the motorists are all safe. Moreover, the police and the victims admitted that they have a hard time tracking their cars. Also, when the crime is ongoing the victim could not seek out for help, and the police are not aware that such an event is ongoing near their jurisdiction. This scenario made the Filipino motorists susceptible to carnapping. Due to these events, the analysts came up with the project that will help the motorists become assured that the police can monitor them when they are on the streets and prevent them from being susceptible to carnapping. The analysts designed a device that could track an ongoing carnap victim’s place and could also report or send an emergency message to those people who must know it (e.g. police, relatives and others). The tracking device will be programmed using JAVA.

A website will be designed to be a place where the Parañaque motorists could seek out information about the current modi operandi in carnapping. The website will include a forum that will allow the victims to...
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