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Table of content:

Introduction: Page no 3
Q1: page no: 3
Q2: page no: 4
Q3: page no: 4
Q4: page no: 5
Q5: page no: 6
Q6: page no: 6
Reference: Page no:7

As we all know, interconnected computer networks globally is a internet, where computer connects to the internet allows an pathway for sharing an information through a large number of servers and many other computers. Whereas, simply, internet portal is a just a website that assemble several functions like news, reference information, history, ideas and also allows an access to database with a single unified web interface. They are generally used by customer oriented companies to accommodate facility of access to huge quantity of different information for customers and employees. Functionally, interlinked hypertext documents and World Wide Web (WWW) are extensively accessible information in the internet. Now, going through the given task, I would like to analyze the advancement of the internet portal of Hoyts i.e. At first, briefly looking at the history of Hoyts, In the beginning of 20th century, Hoyts started its business as a Hoyts circus, later started showing sort films on Saturday at Georges Hall in Bourke street, Melbourne (later name was modified to Hoyts esquire). Currently Hoyts operate 450 screens around 40 Australian and 10 New Zealand cinema complexes, combining its place among top three major exhibitors being second largest cinema in Australia. The main purpose of this report is to introduce the IT department of an organization i.e. Hoyts cinemas. It also helps to know about the different method of data gathering while collecting the information about that...
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