Syrian Unrest

Topics: United States, Sudan, Israel Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The Syria unrest, which has been going on since March of 2011 is an uprising by a rebel group against a governing party in Syria. The main objectives of the rebels are to overthrow current president, Bashar-al-asshad. In April of 2011, the president deployed the army, still loyal to president asshad whose family lineage has been ruling Syria for decades, to open fire on any protesters. The rebels, in retaliation, formed their own group of armed troops mainly consisting of ex-soldiers and weapon users. The clashes now happen in no particular area but in several parts of the country. The president terms the rebellion group “as armed terrorist groups and foreign mercenaries". The protesters have received aid and support from many foreign nations including the United States of America and many Arab nations. The Arab league suspended Syria’s membership in their constituency because of the government’s response to the matters at hand. It was recently brought to light by the United nations in the start of 2013 that the total number of casualties involving this situation exceeded 60,000. Half of these are assumed to be civilians. In a chance to get away from the war and destruction, To seek refuge several local Syrians have fled to neighbouring Arab nations and are warmly welcomed by these nations. However, it is said that the captured rebels have been subjected to high levels of mental and physical torture. Tens of thousands simple civilians as well have been imprisoned as security measures by the government forces. The Syrian unrest has gotten from bad to worse with unrest that, at the moment, seems to not be going anywhere. The only hope of the Syrians to get back their country and their nation is to have an external source taking drastic measures to repair the irreparable damage.
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