Syrian Refugees

Topics: United States, Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Human migration, Nazi Germany / Pages: 3 (516 words) / Published: Sep 8th, 2016
Immigration into the US has been a tight and controversial subject. Some say that it increases crimes and terrorisms and others say that it can only bring good. One many believe that immigration must continue as lives are in danger but must be taught after coming into the country. If immigration is completely halted then the US is being hypocritical as everyone arrived in the US as an immigrant.
One reason continuing to let refugees in is to protect them from the harsh and violent war that is pursuing in Syria. A similar situation occurred near World War 2 were the US denied accesses to thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi influence in Europe (Marnin,Why America’s decision to let in Syrian refugees is the right one). That example was a very hard hit on the US as they essentially let them die. This current situation is very similar as if we don’t allow these innocent people to coming into the country we are send them back to their doom.
Another reason not to limit Syrian refugees from coming into the US is that they have nowhere else to go. As Syria is in a large conflict and violent bombings and destruction occurs often this has lead to many Syrians homeless (America has accepted 10,000 Syrian refugees. That’s still too few, Editorial Board). Although many small European countries have started accepting the refugees there
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Enabling the refugees to come into the country can really help them and the US as they can supply economy and have a safe haven to be free from war. Although the US has admitted 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country that is too little as over 13 million are in danger (Why America’s decision to let in Syrian refugees is the right one, Marnin). Syrian refugees will be able to have many opportunities granted to them such as homes, safety, and education. If we do limit their ability to come into the country then the US is repeating what happened around

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