Syria Current Event

Topics: Egypt, Jordan, Syria Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Research: Status quo in Syria

Directions: Via a combination of information from the Upfront article and internet research, complete the following research guide to develop an understanding of what is happening in Syria.

Upfront Magazine (page 14-15):
1. What sparked Syria’s uprising? What role do you think uprisings in other Arab countries played in Syria’s revolution? Protests of the torture of students who put up anti government graffiti sparked the uprising in Syria. Government troops were sent to respond with force. I think this had a huge role in uprisings in other Arab countries because this fueled other countries to protest. 2. How might a change in power alter the balance of power in the Middle East? Do you think those changes are more likely to be a benefit or detriment to the U.S.? I think a change of power to the sunni muslims would make Syria more helpful toward their working class. I think they are more likely to detriment the US . 3. Who are the various players in Syria (pg. 15)? Provide a brief description of what each group represents in the conflict. Assad is the dictator in Syria since 1999 and he has cracked down on democratic reforms to keep him in power. Alawites are the upper 12% of the country. They have all of the power in the government and military. Sunni muslims are the other 75% of Syria and they are the working class backbone of Syria. The free Syrian army is the rebel regime against Assad. Their goal is to stop him and bring power to the Sunni’s.

Op-Ed from the New York Times: 1. How, ethnically and historically, is Syria different from the rest of the Arab world? Historically, Syria is different because of all of the reminders of war there are around. There is evidence of the rise and fall of many countries trying to conquer the middle east, and a lot of ancient battles were fought there. Ethnically...
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