syria conflict

Topics: Bashar al-Assad, Syria, World War II Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: October 22, 2013

The crisis in Syria is an armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the government and those seeking to overthrow it. The conflict began on 15 March 2011, with popular demonstrations that grew nationwide by April 2011. Syrian Protesters requested the end of Ba'ath Party rule, which began in 1963 and the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, whose family has held the presidency in Syria since 1971. The main event that sparked several attention within this crisis was the the Ghouta chemical attack which occurred on 21 August 2013 during the Syrian civil war. Syria, were struck by rockets containing the chemical agent sarin. Hundreds were killed in the attack, Estimates of the death toll range from 281 to 1,729 which took place early in the morning. Many witnesses reported that none of the victims they saw had physical wounds, and there were videos that demonstrated victims of the chemical attack widely disseminated. The UN called for a ceasefire to allow inspectors to visit the Ghouta sites, Syrian government granted the UN's request on 25 August. Inspectors worked from 26 to 31 August investigating sites of the attack after completing the investigation three weeks later, the UN reported that it had confirmed the use of sarin in the Ghouta attack. The Mission "collected clear and convincing evidence that surface-to-surface rockets containing the nerve agent sarin were used in the Ein Tarma, Moadamiyah and Zalmalka in the Ghouta area of Damascus. Russia and the United States put aside bitter differences over Syria to strike a deal on Saturday that by removing President Bashar al-Assad's chemical arsenal may avert U.S. military action against him. Some researcher argue that, U.S. action in Syria would exacerbate the country’s civil war, promote regional instability and generate domestic pressure at home for ever-more-costly interventions. But U.S involvement would intervention...
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