Syria and Lebanon

Topics: Lebanon, Syria, Maronite Church Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: January 1, 2011
Have you ever wondered what it is like to live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where warmth covers your back year-round? Have you ever desired to live in a place of nature and beauty? If you lived in Lebanon, you’d know exactly what I am talking about. Lebanon is a small but extraordinary country located in the Middle East. Lebanon is famous for many things. One of those things would be their healthy, yet tasty food. An example would be Hummus. Hummus is a very common food in Lebanon, which is eaten very often there. Hummus is made out of chickpeas, with other various seasonings. Not only are the Lebanese people known for their amazing food, but their dance and poetry. Lebanon is famous for two types of dances in specific. The first one is Dabkeh. Dabkeh is a dance that is usually done on special occasions such as weddings, by men and women of all ages. The second dance is the Raqs sharqi, belly dancing. Women, usually at fancy restaurants or concerts, do this type of dance. Last but not least the Lebanese are very well known for zajal, or poetry. Khalil Gibran, who was Lebanese, was very well known for this. As I was researching my topic on Lebanon I found some weird, yet interesting facts. First, I would like to begin with the government of Lebanon. This is something that is very popularly discussed. The government of Lebanon is the complete opposite of the United States, and was designed by France when Lebanon gained their independence from them in 1943. The president must be Maronite Catholic. Michel Suleiman currently holds this position. Since Lebanon does not have a vice president they have a speaker of the house instead. A Shi’tte Muslim can only take this position, and that person is Nabih Berri. Last but not least there is the prime minister, and a Sunni Muslim can only take this position. Saad Hariri currently holds it. The purpose of this odd government is to show that no religion will overpower the other. There are so many other facts...
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