Synthetic Life

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Love Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: January 11, 2013
By Rica Pepito (For Math 10 Lesson: Synthetic Division)

People nowadays are craving for things they like but some cannot afford and therefore would prefer the synthetic ones rather than the original items. Although pricing is a big deal, quality is a huge liability. This Louis Vuitton bag is so nice but bought one fourth of the original price and the store it was bought from does not have legal rights to sell those nor the item itself couldn’t last a week in terms of durability.

In friendship, synthetics are really bad. Sometimes what we think is right for us really isn’t. Yes, “fake friends” are there to be with you and go wherever you are. But do you think behind your back she respects you for who you truly are? I had a friend before whom I gave my full trust on, I shared my favorites with her but what really struck me was when rumors started that she was faking the whole time. I approached her and she told me that the rumors where true, she was only after my favorite things. Of course I forgave her but after that time, I had to make sure that my next best friends wouldn’t do that same thing to me again so I have to be very keen and make the right choices. At least for now, I am able to find new best friends whom always tell me the truth and would never back me down.

So much for friendship, another is in relationships. I really don’t know how to explain how awful synthetic relationships are but all I know is: synthetic relationships are the major causes of suicide, rape, murder, theft and abuses. So generally, we should stop synthetic things in life. We should be true to what we do and stay with what we believe is right. We should choose the right people to be with us in our journey in life. True friends and true love are hard to find but with perseverance and keenness, we are going to find these at the right time.
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