Synthetic Cannabis Use: Side Effects

Topics: Cannabinoid, Psychosis, Recreational drug use Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Synthetic Cannabis use, just like any drug, including alcohol can cause a number of side effects, some of which can be more serious the more you use. Just like alcohol there are common side effects from using synthetic cannabis, but more serious side effects can occur when a user abuses these products. Some side effects from drugs and alcohol are quite similar, however where alcohol may cause a user to have reduced anxiety, some synthetic cannabis drugs may induce mild anxiety in heavy or first time users. Because not all synthetic drugs are created equally and many products contain different chemicals and cannabinoids with different effects, many of these effects may be more or less pronounced depending on which brand of synthetic cannabis you are using. Some of the side effects from using synthetic cannabis in a moderate fashion may include; similar effects to smoking cannabis, usually stronger and shorter lasting fast and irregular heartbeat

rapid pulse rate
heavy chest
racing thoughts and racing mind
delayed reaction time
Synthetic cannabinoids, in their original state, are a liquid. They are usually sold combined with dried herbs intended for smoking. They can be purchased in a range of quantities, for example, by the gram, ounce or pre-rolled like a ‘joint’. They are occasionally sold as powders and if so may be drunk as a tea. "Spice" was the earliest in a series of synthetic cannabinoids sold in many Western countries. Since then a number of other similar products have been developed for sale such as "Kronic", "Northern Lights", "K2", "Zeus", "Puff", "Tai High", "Aroma" and "Magic Dragon". There are hundreds of cannabinoid compounds and more are being produced all the time.  Manufacturers are constantly changing compositions to produce new products and to keep in step with legal controls over the sale of the substances Synthetic cannabis puts more New Zealanders in hospital per use than any other...
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