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Topics: Happiness, Person, Psychology Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: September 28, 2013

I haven’t heard of FFP during the first semester actually. I just knew that the following semester I would be needing a white book with a flame print on it. I really didn’t care about the subject so much even though I was already attending the classes. To tell you the truth, I thought that FFP would be the simplest subject in my load but as it turns out, it proved to be quite stressful. Not bad stressful but good stressful, okay, maybe sometimes bad stressful. I learned a lot of values from this subject especially about myself and God. I’m sure that my journey in this subject is one to be remembered… forever. II.

The first module seems to be more focused on the academic side so I learned various things about my life as a student. Competitiveness, leadership, cooperation, punctuality, responsibility, diligence, consideration and more especially about those two famous words an Atenean would know, Cura Personalis, which means caring for the other person. Truth of the matter is, I could care less about other people until came across those sacred words. Well, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t care for others entirely but I consider their feelings and the situation.The module also taught me about handling stress which was very helpful because I get stressed all time not just on school work but also with my personal life. Most importantly, the value of leadership. I was chosen as the leader of my group but sometimes I can’t help to neglect my responsibilities due to laziness but I overcome my tired state and perform the best that I could. III.

The most significant learning in Module 2 would be the very inspiring man that goes by the name of John Foppe, a man disabled since birth but despite the lack of arms lived a very happy life share with a loving, caring and supporting family and understanding and true friends who according to Mr. Foppe “not laugh at him, laugh with him”. After the film showing of this unsung hero of the lost souls I began reflecting on things...
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