Synthesis Essay That Compares the Short Story "All the Troubles of the World" by Isaac Asimov to Minority Report

Topics: Isaac Asimov, Computer, Science fiction Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Today we continue to rely on computers and technology more and more throughout our daily lives. Computers are also becoming increasingly powerful and more intelligent. However as computers continue take on more and more of our jobs they are also becoming increasingly vulnerable for errors. “All the troubles of the world” by Isaac Asimov and “Minority Report” were both about computers that are very different. However they both had major flaws in their systems.

The computers systems in “All the troubles of the world” by Isaac Asimov and Minority Report were both very different. In “All the troubles of the world” by Isaac Asimov the entire world is controlled by Multivac. Multivac is responsible for earth's economy, preventing crime and files every single known fact about each earthman. Multivac also acts as some sort of god. Giving guidance to its eager users in exchange for every single one of their thoughts. However in “Minority Report” the computer relies heavily on human input. In fact the entire system relies on three gifted humans called Pre-Cogs. The Pre-Cogs have a special ability to see murders happening in the future. They received this special ability from their parents who were addicted to a very powerful drug. Unlike Multivac, the Pre-Cog system relies heavily on human input. The system requires technicians to decipher the Pre-Cogs visions and figure out the location of the murder. The Pre-Cog system is only in use in the district of Washington D.C., whereas Multivac conducts its operations on a global scale.

However both the computers in “All the troubles of the world” and “Minority Report” had major flaws in their systems. Multivac the computer in “All the troubles of the world” learned from the humans...The tendency to self destruct. Computers are based on logic and self destruction is not logical. Whereas in “Minority Report” the Pre-Cogs would sometimes disagree with each other. Sometimes two out of the three Pre-Cogs would predict the...
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