Synthesis essay

Topics: Woman, Sharia, Human rights Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 21, 2014
Brianna Williams
Block: 8th
November 22, 2013

Synthesis Essay

Sojourner Truth in her speech, "Ain't I a Woman?" demonstrates that she's tired of inequality and fights for women's rights by having comebacks to the white men that don't think negro women like herself should have rights. In Malala Yousafika's interview, she views education as a gift and feels girl should also have the right to go to school. Both of these women feel women are as capable as men. Sojourner and Malala both express defiance against the law, show persistence for what they are fighting for, and fought morally for women's rights.

These women both showed defiance in many ways to get women's rights. Back in the 1800's, it was dangerous for negro women to speak their mind especially to a white crowd. Sojourner did not take that excuse to stop her, she wanted to get the word out to those white men and negro women that women need to be treated just like men. She states "Nobody's lifted me into carriages, over mud puddles or ditches", for her audience to get the point that she's a women and yet no one treats her any better. They work as hard as men, but still get tortured. Malala also relates to Sojourner. She shows opposition towards the Taliban because she doesn't think it's fair for girls to be prohibited to get an education. The Taliban doesn't think girls are capable enough, and only boys should be able to read and write. For that reason, Malala fought harder against the law to get girls the right to go to school, even if it meant a bullet to her head. "Books, pens and words are more stronger than a gun." She states confidently. She does not care for the consequences she'll face. She will continue to fight until she gets what she wants.

In both the sources, Malala Yousafika and Soujourner Truth demonstrate persistence. The two women continued to speak up against the people who underestimated them and other women to get the equality for all women. Malala repeats "I Am...
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