Synthesis Essay

Topics: President of the United States, Election, Elections Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: January 13, 2013
The people of America live in a country whose citizens are gifted with the system of Democracy where each person has their voice represented in decisions of the nation. The inherent responsibility of each voting age citizen of America is to research the positions and views of all candidates that represent them and then punch, mark, or press the space next to the candidate that they believe would best represent him or her. But not all Americans would care to look closely at the opinions of the election candidates especially in a race as highly publicized as the modern presidential elections.

Today in a world so populated by information in the media, candidates in high profile elections are able to place favorable biased information directly from television sets in front of a large percentage of the American demographic (Source D). Distracting messages appear in both advertisements and in one-on-one live debates mixed in with other entertainment in the same experience (Source B). Some of the people who would receive these are not the type to study candidate issue profiles under a microscope. They grab the information offered that appeals to their emotions and sympathies, such information that might have little or nothing to do with how a presidential candidate will decide how to vote. Such people go to their ballots with intent to vote for a candidate that will not act in their best interests. When people are focused on appearance and likeability, which take a front seat in television programming, they are not doing themselves any favor and are skewing the electoral process which is the basis of freedom in our country (Source C). It is absolutely un-American to negligently broadcast these messages over such a format of television.

The lines are blurred and what really matters cannot even be separated by most, from what is meant to occupy and entertain in the medium of television. With there being an unprecedented number of voting registration this year and a...
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