Topics: Evidence, Generation Y, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (973 words) Published: October 24, 2014

Many technological advances in the modern era has brought up the question whether or not that the current generation of people under thirty years of age should be deemed as the dumbest generation. The sources given lack the evidence needed to support the claim that those under age thirty are "the dumbest generation." The sources that are in favor of this make very logical examples depicting said claim; however, the author fails to support it using facts and statistics. The sources in which the author tries to disprove the claim utilizes facts and statistics from conducted experiments. This ratifies that the evidence given in these sources can deteriorate the original claim, proving that people under thirty are not the dumbest generation. Mark Bauerlein is an English professor and researcher at Emory University and he writes that young Americans are considered the dumbest generation. Bauerlein's first statement in the excerpt begins by saying, "This is the paradox of the Dumbest Generation" (Source 1). He introduces some of the positives of young Americans such as "... life has never been s yielding, goods so plentiful schooling so accessible, diversion so easy, and liberties so copious" (Source 1). As he concludes this list, he begins to state the original claim that people under thirty are considered the dumbest generation. Bauerlein should not have used the list of positives of the young Americans. This adds a place for the reader to attack and weakens the point that Bauerlein is trying to make. Bauerlein leaves another fragile place for a reader to take advantage of when he says, "... knowledge and skills haven't kept pace, and the intellectual habits that complement them are slipping. The advantages of twenty-first century teen life keep expanding..." (Source 1). He contradicts the idea made in the first line with the use of the second one. If current people make advances, how can Bauerlein call this generation to be the dumbest? Using...
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