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Required Text and Materials
Bundle containing The Norton Field Guide, 3rd Edition, and The Norton Mix (UNLV Custom Edition) •The Norton Handbook

Course Description and Goals
ENG 101 is the university’s first-semester course of the first-year composition sequence required of all undergraduates. This evidence-based, writing intensive course is designed to improve critical thinking, reading, and writing proficiencies through guidance in writing the thesis-driven essay. Students develop strategies for turning their experience, observations, and analyses into evidence suitable for academic writing.

Course Objectives
Rhetorical Knowledge
To understand and identify elements of the rhetorical situation, especially audience and purpose, and apply them in written texts •To adopt appropriate structure, voice, tone, and level of formality, based on genre Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

To develop effective critical reading skills through close analysis of texts •To use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating •To approach a writing assignment as a series of tasks that includes finding, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing appropriate sources •To integrate evidence from experience, observation, and analyses with the ideas of others Processes

To develop flexible strategies for generating ideas and revising, editing, and proof-reading texts •To balance the collaborative aspect of the writing process with individual responsibility Knowledge of Conventions

To incorporate information and document sources appropriately •To control such surface features as syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and format. Composing in Electronic Environments
To use electronic environments for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing, and sharing texts Adapted from WPA Learning Outcomes for FYC

Course Requirements
An ungraded diagnostic essay completed within the first week of class •Reading assignments of approximately 30-50 pages per week •Daily informal writing, such as journal entries, blogs, responses, quizzes •Four out-of-class writing projects with all process materials, such as prewriting, drafts, and peer reviews. To pass the course, students must complete all four of the out-of-class writing projects. oWriting Project 1 – Developing a Foundation for Learning oWriting Project 2 – Asking Questions and Identifying Problems and Issues oWriting Project 3 – Evaluating the Impact of Issues

oWriting Project 4 –Seeking Answers and Proposing Solutions •Midterm and final exams

Attendance and Participation
The UNLV Class Attendance Policy States, “Registration in a course obligates the student to be regular and punctual in class attendance.” (See this and other policies related to attendance and absences under Registration Policies at

Attendance and participation are especially important in composition classes because writing is a collaborative process. Even when we write as individuals, we are writing for an audience. Sharing reactions to and interpretations of both professional and student texts is an important step in improving your writing. You are expected to come to class prepared and ready to engage in the class activities that will be assigned. Coming to class late, leaving early, or failing to participate during class may each be counted as a half absence. If you miss more than two weeks (four absences for a twice a week class), your grade will drop.

Five absences: one step/one-third of a letter grade (e.g., an “A” would become an “A-“) •Six absences: two steps/two-thirds of a letter grade (e.g., an “A” would become a “B+”) •Seven or more absences (three weeks of class) will result in a failing grade for the course.

Late Work
If you miss class for any reason, you are still responsible for the content...
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