Synopsis of Spanish

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Synopsis of Spanish
Spanish also known as español or castellano has become one of the most well-known and spoken languages worldwide. It one of the most well known romantic language around the globe. It derived from Latin roots making it the dominating language of the Latin continents. It is also considered the dominating language in the United Stated today. Spanish and English are similar in their phonemic inventory. Spanish is similar in the short vowels of English such as: /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/ (Spanish Phonemic Inventory, par. 1). “There are five consonants used in word-final position:2: /l/, /s/, /d/, /n/, and /s/,” (Spanish Phonemic Inventory, par. 3). However, there consonant clusters that are not used in the final position such as: /pl/, /ps/, /bl/, /bs/, /ts/, /ds/, /kl/, /ks/, /gl/, /gs/, /fl/, and /fs/ (Spanish Phonemic Inventory, par. 1). The Spanish Phonemic Chart is illustrated in image 1.1.

Spanish is considered to be a two-gender language. Nouns are assigned a gender regardless if the object can be considered to be male or female (Spanish Grammar Rules, par. 4). English on the contrary does not use this type of gender classification. Spanish grammar rules enable adjectives to be added after the noun. This rule must agree with the gender and classification of the noun otherwise it must become plural. Adjective, in many cases, take the place of a noun. Determiners also need to coordinate with the gender that is being expressed (Spanish Grammar Rules, par. 7). Prepositional phrases and prepositions are different in English and Spanish. Prepositions in Spanish are used in a more precise manner than that of English. In English a preposition can stand in the place of a word that can contain different meanings, where in Spanish the same preposition will not work for all examples. An example could be “He ran into his friend at the market,” and “ He ran a four mile marathon.” In this example ‘ran’ is being used in two different contexts, where in...
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