Synopsis of Article "Perception: Some Recent Research and Implications for Administration by Sheldon S. Zalkind and Timothy W. Costello"

Topics: Perception, Psychology Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: July 30, 2010
Synopsis Perception: Some recent research and implications for administration by Sheldon S. Zalkind and Timothy W. Costello Any person usually bases his decisions on his perception towards others. This happens more critical when the person in question is an administrator or manager as his decisions and actions are critical not only to himself but also to his organization. Nowadays the management studies are becoming more and more influenced by the behavioral sciences. This also includes the study of perception as one of its most important parts. The factors influencing ones perception were first identified by Johnson in 1944 where he researched “object perception”. He listed many suggestions like subconscious influence by not so obvious considerations, responding to irrelevant hints, guidance by emotions, giving more weightage to his/her favorites' opinions etc. Infact one may not be aware of the factors on which one is making the perceptual judgments. Again in 1958, Burner described the role of needs, values, culture, interests etc on the process of perceptions. A different idea was proposed by Cantril were he described perception as a transaction between the person making the perception and the one being perceived where in finally the resulting perception depends both on the influences within the perceiver and the characteristics of the perceived. One of the important factors influencing the perception process is the mindset as demonstrated by Kelley. He showed that one forms a perception about someone and behaves accordingly as per his prior expectations. As it is said first impressions are the last impressions, which to a great extent is true as so far as their being lasting is concerned, but weather they are accurate or not is usually a matter of question. Here also the needs, values, expectations of the person making the judgment (usually the administrator) play an important factor in the impressions he or she forms about some body. Most of the times they...
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