Synopsis: Computer and Online Hotel Management

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University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Department of Computer Science
Synopsis for M.Sc. Degree in Computer Sciences

Title: Online Hotel Management System for The Pizza Shop, D-Ground, Faisalabad

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The purpose of this system is the development of a web-based system for managing information of The Pizza Shop, D-Ground, Faisalabad. This system will able to handle the menu selection and bill payment deal accurately and efficiently. This system will have a central database for its all branches. It will solve the problem of existing manual system which is difficult to serve and ordering services table. The proposed system will allow online ordering effectively and efficiently to customers and will provide immediate delivery. Customers can pay bills at delivery time. The proposed system will be easy to use to manage and more convenient for customers when placing order. It will have a number of facilities to select or check the menu items and payments will also provide on interface to handle all transactions easily. The SQL or MYSQL Server will be used as a database backend database and PHP or ASP as frontend for programming user applications.

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Department of Computer Science
Synopsis for M.Sc. Degree in Computer Sciences

Title: Online Hotel Management System for The Pizza Shop, D-Ground, Faisalabad

Date of Admission:October, 2010
Data of Initiation (Research):After approval
Probable Duration (Research):4 Months

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c) Supervisory committee
iii) Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal(Member)


at present the hotels and restaurants are using the manual system. They recorded by hand in registers and notebooks. The physical system has a number of shortfalls. Customers can select any items using the planned system. The database administrator in the administrative headquarters will entitle customers to a limited use. All branches sent daily reports to the main branch and manage record efficiently. The data will be centralized at the main branch. Accurate information extracted by the choice of good database. Writing accurate statement will helps for getting precise information about the records good database keep records in well manner. Database backbone of every organization, insertion deletion and updation define in easy way. Correct information and good database going equivalent for precise result (Gogolla, 2007). The computer is converted in a need of the day. Because computers are involved in all areas of life, therefore, control of project managers is controlled by computers. The systems are based on computer are very helpful in solving difficult problems. Large amount of data and complex calculations and repetitive tasks fall into the domain of computer use (Varshavsky, 2007). Many companies experienced the impact of new technologies in the 1980s and early 1990s. It has recently been realized that the technologies are converging, raising more primary skill and resourcing. Technology while still de-skill a large number of jobs. The emphasis has shifted from people with technical staff to use sophisticated computer technology and display high levels of customer service (Nuseibe, 2010). The main purpose of this research is to facilitate customer orders online selection, online bill payments and facilitate customers by offering fast order delivery. All data management due to centralized data effectively. The system will provide quick access in an easy to obtain the necessary information about the current state of the restaurant. The state will tell you about...

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